Man with a remarkably similar name to Matt Gaetz has to defend himself after being wrongly targeted
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A man with a similar name to Matt Gaetz has been putting out fires left right and centre after being mistaken for the Republican congressman, and therefore being trolled online.

Matthew Gertz, a senior fellow at press watchdog, Media Matters, has been forced to defend himself after being attacked on Twitter by those mistakenly thinking he is Gaetz, who is being investigated by the Justice Department over allegedly violating sex trafficking laws.

Gaetz is alleged to have had a relationship with a 17-year-old and paid her to travel with him.

The congressman has denied these allegations and said they are “as searing as they are false”.

Gertz, on the other hand, has had a long career at Media Matters, but prior to this was the Deputy Campaign Manager for Diane Farrell, a Democrat Congresswoman.

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In other words, Matthew Gertz is not the same man as Matt Gaetz.

But unfortunately, the Twitter commentariat have not received this particular memo and it looks as if Gertz will be stuck banging the same drum for a while yet:

Poor guy.

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