Meet the couple who have had 66 weddings

Do you, Alex Pelling, take Lisa Gant to be your lawful wedded wife?

I do. I do. I do. I do…

Once is enough

Not for this Manchester couple. Mr Pelling, 34, and Ms Gant, 32, have spent the past three years travelling the globe in search of the perfect wedding destination – tying the knot 66 times along the way.

Overkill, no?

The couple, who describe themselves as “crazy romantics” met in 2008. Four years later, they decided to move to Australia. But on the flight, they hatched a plan to travel the world in search of the perfect ceremony, embracing local marriage cultures as they went.

Such as?

A topless Embera tribe wedding in Panama in which their bodies were decorated with ink and traditional beads. A traditional Colombian farmer-style wedding which, as per custom, included a sheep as a guest. A Texas ranch wedding. A shotgun wedding in Vegas. And a pagan wedding in a forest in Lithuania. To name but a few…

So why the different surnames?

Well, er, they’re not actually married. None of the nuptials has been legally binding – and they plan to keep it that way. When they’re having this much fun, who can blame them?

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