Brooklyn Beckham and fiancé Nicola Peltz truly understood the Met Gala assignment, walking the red carpet looking like a modern day Barbie and Ken. But even so, Met Gala host Keke Palmer wasn’t quite sure who Brooklyn was, as made clear by her questions when interviewing the lovebirds.

“The theme is America. What does that mean to you guys?” Keke asked the iconic couple, who got engaged in July of last year.

“I’m trying to make him an American right now,” Nicola quipped, grabbing Brooklyn’s waist — because Brooklyn is, you know, English, the son of British A-listers Victoria and David Beckham — a former footballer and Spice Girl, respectively.

“Oh, where are you from?!” Keke then queried, seemingly surprised by Brooklyn’s response: London. “Oh! from London! So we’re just getting you for a little while, not for a long while?”

“Yeah, well, we live in LA, so…” Brooklyn trailed off, seemingly also catching onto the fact that Keke does not know who he is, the couple quite famously lives in Los Angeles.

“I kidnapped him,” Nicola immediately interjected with a laugh. And she wasn’t the only one laughing; Twitter lost its mind watching the awkward red carpet encounter.

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