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Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, was in Parliament along with her colleagues as it was locked down during the terrorist incident yesterday.

Joining the politicians in the Palace of Westminster were tourists and visitors who were touring Parliament. There was also a class of children from a primary school in Birmingham.

Phillips tweeted today that she is going to deliver letters to each of the pupils, to thank them for their excellent behaviour during the tense time.

She wrote:

Today I’ll go to Holy Family primary school in Small Heath to give these letters to the children who were in parliament yesterday. So proud of them.

And this is what the letter states:

I wanted to write to each one of you who were caught up in the incidents in Parliament yesterday. To say that I was proud to be your Member of Parliament would be an understatement. Each of you were so calm, so well behaved and so good natured in a situation that could have been very difficult.

So many members of Parliament approached me throughout the day and after the incident, to ask me to pass on their praise and thoughts to you and your classmates. They were all so impressed by how well you behaved and how good spirited you were. The sight of you waving to us and smiling at us while we were worried made us all feel better and helped us to remember the reasons why we go to the House of Commons to defend and care for people just like you.

As representatives of our area and as representatives of your school you did a great job under difficult circumstances. You are a credit to Birmingham and to your school. Thank you for being brilliant, I’m sure your parents and your teachers are very very proud just as I am.

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