People love this letter about Keith Vaz and being in the public eye

Keith Vaz MP has stood down from his role as chairman of the Home Affairs Committee following allegations that he paid two male escorts for sex.

The Labour MP for Leicester East has something of a reputation for enjoying the limelight - making frequent public and media appearances, doing the Gangnam Style dance and wearing a football scarf in the Commons - although he probably hasn't enjoyed it so much this week...

In fact, so much does his reputation precede him that this letter once appeared in the Leicester Mercury newspaper, shortly after Vaz was nowhere to be found on its pages:

Titled "Where was Vaz?", the letter from 21reads:

I NOTICED that in the Mercury on Thursday, October 31, there was no mention of Keith Vaz, nor were there any photographs of him.

I was wondering if this edition would have any value to a collector of rare objects.

  • Martin Bradly, Glen Parva
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