Woman keeps giving unwanted admirers her friend's number and the results are hilarious

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Trying to get a number from someone in a bar and club is a pretty standard event on any night out, but it's not always cool or wanted.

When someone says that they aren't interested it can be received badly leading, to more aggressive advances and general unpleasantness.

Sometimes the best way to shut somebody up is to give them your number in the hope that they will go away. Better yet, give them another number and troll them until kingdom come.

That's exactly what one woman has done on numerous occasions with men. Whenever she wants to get rid of a guy, she gives them a number that belongs to one of her male friends.

The man, who goes by the name of Ashontez, has been sharing some of the messages that he has been receiving from his friend's admirers on Imgur.

He explained on the image sharing site why his friend has chosen to do this:

I'm a dude, and one of my best friends keeps getting hit on by creepy dudes at the bar.

She gave one dude her number to get him to go away and then just blocked it when he texted her.

Well, dude didn't like that and started harassing her friends (cops got involved, it wasn't pretty).

Since then I've told her to give out my number to guys she doesn't want to talk to, if they press the issue after she says 'no.'

Not only are they pretty creepy messages, they soon drop their facade when they realising that they aren't going to be getting lucky.

The first example comes from a guy who was coming on way too strongly and way too quickly.

Next up is a guy who sent an unsolicited nude pic and probably has a few transphobic tendencies.

Then there was his attempt to get a guy to engage in a light spot of cannibalism.

We're yet to find out what would happen if they actually tried to ring the number, but he seems to be doing a pretty good job on the texting front.

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