Piers Morgan is bragging about how many views his cringe interview with Mick Lynch has gotten

Piers Morgan is bragging about how many views his cringe interview with Mick Lynch has gotten
Piers Morgan grills head of RMT union over Thunderbirds villain profile picture

Piers Morgan has been bragging about the number of views his deeply embarrassing interview with RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch has had.

In the interview on Morgan’s struggling show Piers Morgan Uncensored last week, Lynch appeared to discuss the planned RMT strikes.

But, rather than speaking about the important issues, Morgan went on a bizarre tangent in which he grilled Lynch about his Facebook profile picture of the Thunderbirds villain The Hood.

The bizarre clip was viewed multiple times, with people accusing Morgan of relying on “twitter clip views to try and blag people the show is a success”.

In his constant pursuit to stay relevant, Morgan brought it up again in a tweet, complaining that he still hasn’t had “a proper explanation from ⁦@RMTunion boss Mick ‘The Hood’ Lynch.”

Now, Morgan has brought the interview up for a third time in order to boast about the viewing figures.

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In a tweet, Morgan wrote: “UPDATE: Views so far for my interview with Mick ‘The Hood’ Lynch:

“Twitter: 3.6m, TikTok: 1.2m, Facebook: 400.8k, Youtube 29.5k, Instagram - 8k, TalkTV - 70k, (*UK only, not incl Fox Nation or Sky News Aus)

“TOTAL: 5.3 million. Thanks for watching @PiersUncensored in all formats!”

People in the comments helpfully informed Morgan that the views certainly weren’t for his “good journalism”.

One person wrote: “Of course this is all Piers cares about. Good journalism? Nah, just views. Doesn’t matter if the majority of them are laughing at him. A complete and utter narcissist.”

Another added: “Got a funny feeling 5.3 million people viewed to see Mick Lynch handing you your arse...:”

Someone else replied: “I don’t think I have ever seen a more vacuous measure of ‘success’.”

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