Piers Morgan bizarrely grills Mick Lynch for comparing himself to a Thunderbirds villain

Piers Morgan bizarrely grills Mick Lynch for comparing himself to a Thunderbirds villain
Piers Morgan grills head of RMT union over Thunderbirds villain profile picture

Piers Morgan got into a bizarre on-air argument with the RMT general secretary over “comparison” to Thunderbirds villain.

With the RMT rail union launching 3 days of national strike action next week, the general secretary Mick Lynch appeared on Morgan’s talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss it.

At one point during the interview, Morgan showed Lynch a screenshot of a Facebook page that he believed belonged to him and took the opportunity to grill Lynch over the profile picture of Thunderbirds baddie The Hood.

Morgan said: “Why don’t you just confirm or deny if this is your Facebook page. It’s a picture of The Hood from Thunderbirds.”

Lynch replied: “Yes, it’s me. Can you see the likeness?”

Morgan responded: “Well I’m just wondering where the comparison goes because he was obviously an evil, criminal terrorist mastermind, described as the world’s most dangerous man who wrecked utter carnage and havoc on the public.”

Lynch asked Morgan: “Is that the level you’re pitching this at, Piers? That is a joke amongst me and my friends, and you can see the likeness if you like.”

Morgan continued to push Lynch on whether he was comparing himself to the Thunderbirds baddie, to which he blithely replied: “He’s the most evil puppet made out of vinyl in the world. Is that the level journalism’s at these days?”

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The bizarre two and half minute exchange eventually came to a head with Lynch having to tell Morgan to ask him questions about the important issues he was on the programme to discuss.

Responding to the video, one person wrote: “What an absolute joke of a line of questioning.

“No wonder nobody watches this shambles and piers relies on Twitter clip views to try and blag people the show is a success.”

Someone else commented: “Terrible interview Piers. Didn't ask enough about the strikes, instead started personal slurs against Mick Lynch.”

“What a joke of an interview! Is piers sponsored by the rail companies?” another asked.

Another said: “You really just wasted two and a half minutes questioning Mick Lynch about his profile picture on Facebook? Pathetic.”

The car crash interview comes as the Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson walked off the set of Morgan’s talk show, and Morgan was also called a “c**” live on air.

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