Richard Hammond is bored, possibly dangerously so

Richard Hammond is bored, possibly dangerously so

Jeremy Clarkson may have been hogging all the headlines in the last month, but lest we forget his former Top Gear colleagues who are both out of jobs too.

James May has already signalled his new found boredom, posting videos on a YouTube channel called "JM's unemployment tube" where he can be seen playing the recorder and making spaghetti carbonara.

But this weekend was the turn of Richard Hammond. A 10 and a half minute video titled "Bored" was posted on the channel "Richard Hammond is bored", where the presenter can be seen crying "I need a job" before loading his Jeep and heading to the Lake District with his pet dog.

After hiking the Cumbrian fells in the driving rain with two shepherds and rounding up a small group of sheep, Hammond returns home with a flock of his own.

But judging by the error revealed at the end of the video, perhaps it's best if he just leaves the animals alone and finds a new television channel who'll let him talk about cars again instead.

You can watch the full version of "Bored" here, or watch an abridged version below:

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