Robbie Williams flirts with audience member, suddenly realises she's 15

Things got all kinds of awkward at a Robbie Williams gig on Saturday when the pop singer realised the audience member he'd been "flirting" with was actually there with her mum.

On Saturday night in Brisbane, the former Take That singer, 41, engaged with the front row of the crowd and found a girl called Morgan. It was her birthday.

Williams explained:

I love that look. I love the glasses and the hair. It's like a secretary look. Which reminds me: I've got to clear my browsing history on my computer.

Before enquiring:

So, how old are you today?

Then the realisation:


At that point, instantly realising his mistake, Williams backtracked:

Oh shit. Don't put that up on YouTube, don't put that up on YouTube... Are you here with your mum?

Hi mum.

See the exchange below:

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