A plus-size model lost 250lbs. She didn't expect the backlash that followed

A plus-sized model claims she received death threats after losing a considerable amount of weight.

Rosie Mercado says she decided to lose weight after a flight attendant told her she was too big for her seat and would need to buy another one for her journey.

The mother of three from Las Vegas used to be a size 34 but dropped to a size 12-14 after changing her diet, exercising six days a week, and getting a gastric sleeve.

"I got hate mail," the 36-year-old told TMZ."Fans hated it, they told me to go jump off a bridge and kill myself after losing weight.

Fat activists didn't like that I was so public about my weight loss and getting a tummy tuck and skin removal, or getting the gastric sleeve... they thought that was the easy way out.

In a post on Facebook, she showed pictures of herself before and after the weight loss.

"The importance is to make choices that go with your values and out of self love," she wrote.

I am much more than just my size! I am a proud Latina who wants to inspire and contribute. I want to make a difference in this world and it startswith taking responsibility for my life.

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