Nick Clegg says sitting next to David Cameron at PMQs is one of his biggest regrets in government

Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg was on BBC2's Newsnight yesterday to discuss the European referendum.

But host Evan Davis also asked him what his biggest regret in government was:

With that caveat in mind, Clegg proceeded to answer:

If you want a surprising one, in many respects the optics of politics made it almost impossible for people to understand what Liberal Democrats did in the coalition.

Sitting mute next to David Cameron at prime minister’s questions every week was a sort of terrible kind of encapsulation of what our critics said about us, that we were somehow just sort of passengers in the government when in fact we were active architects rather than observers of the government.

And maybe my biggest mistake was sitting where I did at prime minister’s questions and I should have sat somewhere else.

Can anyone in the class think of any other suggestions?

You can watch the full video below:

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