Sydney Sweeney's Hot Ones appearance has become an instant meme

Sydney Sweeney's Hot Ones appearance has become an instant meme
Sydney Sweeney gets 'nervous' for glamorous red carpet appearances
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Sydney Sweeney has been hailed the "meme Queen" following her appearance on the popular Hot Ones with Sean Evans.

The YouTube series tests celebrities' tolerance of spicy chicken wings by ramping up the sauce each round.

Sweeney was off to a staggering start, seemingly unphased by the first seven rounds. However, the eighth seemingly took the star by surprise.

"That's pretty good. I feel tingly on my lips. That one may have an after-effect. That one is building in my mouth," she nervously told Evans, with tears in her eyes.

Sweeney nervously laughed as the heat intensified, prompting her to ask the host what was happening.

A panicked Sweeney said: "What is in this!? Are you going to drink something because I won't drink it first."

"Da Bomb is a really bomb! Oh my god," she nervously added.

The Anyone but You star has since racked up over two million views in two days – with one screengrab, which she later shared to Instagram, becoming a viral meme on X/Twitter.

During her Hot Ones appearance, Sweeney discussed the infamous vomit scene on the hit show Euphoria.

"A lot of films, they'll just have a cup of mushed-up anything that they have from craft team mixed with milk and water," she told Evans. "And it’s the most disgusting thing, and you just put it in your mouth and you hold it and then you puke it up."

"Sam (one of the directors), of course, did not want that. He just wanted vomit everywhere, so they had to get a pump, and they had this pipe that they just taped and hid on my body, and then they CGI-ed it out up my neck. And then there was a horse bit that I had to put in my mouth," Sweeney added.

Lovely stuff.

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