You can now buy Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ mansion - here’s what it’s like inside

You can now buy Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ mansion - here’s what it’s like inside

The mansion used in Taylor Swift’s 2014 music video for ‘Blank Space’ is being auctioned off and it is pretty spectacular.

Winfield Hall in Long Island will be sold on 12 July and bidders interested in it must have pretty deep pockets because the starting price is $7 million, reduced from an initial asking price of $19.95 million (a bargain then).

If those with that amount of money knocking about would be tempted to bag the mansion we couldn’t blame them. Picture and videos show that the 16.4 acre building boasts huge lawns with classical statues as well as a separate clocktower building and a garage that can hold over 11 cars.

A bird’s eye view of the mansionMax Spann/ YouTube

The Charles Gilbert designed building, which was built in 1917 for Frank Winfield Woolworth, founder of the original dollar store, also has12 bedrooms, ornate staircases - which reportedly cost $2 million to build - and even has views of tidal estuary, the Long Island Sound.

One of the dining rooms featuring ornate ceilingsMax Spann/ YouTube

Not too shabby then.

In the video, Taylor Swift frolics in the grounds and in rooms in the building with her love interest. She also smashes his car and kicks him off the property but we doubt any lasting damage will be present in the building next time someone purchases it.

So if you’ve got a blank cheque, maybe, you should write your name.

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