This is why Taylor Swift was booed at her best friend’s wedding

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Taylor Swift is in a tumultuous stage of her career.

After being caught up in rows about victimhood and appropriation, and testifying in court describing an alleged sexual assault against her in 2013, Swift released singles from her upcoming album Reputation to a lukewarm critical reception - despite incredibly play counts from fans..

This weekend, her mind was probably off these topics though, as she attended friend Abigail Anderson's wedding.

Fans who found out the details, and knew Taylor would be attending, queued up outside the Martha's Vineyard ceremony hoping to catch a moment with the singer.

She reportedly left the building and got into a waiting Cadillac Escalade, surrounded by security.

Fans decided to boo her for this decision.

Given this was a private event and not a public attendance, this is unwarranted.

As people pointed out:

People have speculated that she was booed by paparazzi attempting to obtain photographs.

Here's a brief clip of the speech she gave at the wedding:

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