The 10 most politically influential people in the UK

Telegraph Hill's Truescore tool looked at the online and offline presence of 800 political voices, including MPs, broadcasters and activists, to arrive at its list of the top 10 most influential political voices in Britain.

They are:

1. David Cameron

2. Russell Brand

3. Boris Johnson

4. Ed Miliband

5. Nicola Sturgeon

6. Nick Clegg

7. Jon Snow

8. Owen Jones

9. Nigel Farage

10. David Miliband

Chris Moon, head of insights & analytics at Telegraph Hill, said: "This analysis doesn't just show the people with the most Twitter followers: it looks at who's talking about political issues and has the platforms to make themselves heard. Politicians themselves often aren't as influential as the celebrities and journalists who talk about them and whose views are being shared."

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