There's a council in Britain that refuses to speak English

An "intransigent" community council has been criticised for refusing to provide agendas and other council documents in both Welsh and English.

The Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, Nick Bennett, found Cynwyd Community Council, in Denbighshire, was conducting all its meetings in Welsh and publishing some of its notices in Welsh only instead of bilingually.

These actions "could be considered" to be excluding and disadvantaging those who do not understand the Welsh language, he said.

While I fully support the principle of any Welsh council conducting its business through the medium of Welsh, it should also ensure those who consider English as their first language are not excluded.

He added, "It is worrying that the council has taken such an intransigent position throughout my investigation, and their refusal to act reasonably has let down their local community, both Welsh- and English-speaking." In a statement Cynwynd Community Council maintained that if the complainant had just asked, they would have happily switched to English. contacted Alywn Jones Parry, head of Cynwyd Community Council, who said:

Rydym yn bendant yn dweud bod Cyngor Cymuned Cynwyd yn credu nad oes gennym unrhyw achos i'w ateb.

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