Picture: mrsconstancehall/Instagram
Picture: mrsconstancehall/Instagram

There’s an old adage that “cameras add 10 pounds” to every photo and blogger Constance Hall has demonstrated that all of it can go on your face.

Depending on the angle you take the photo, of course.

The parenting blogger uploaded the following to her Instagram and Facebook pages:

She appears to have taken the photo on the left from below, deliberately highlighting the skin under her chin, with bad lighting.

The photo on the left has flattering lighting and is taken from the front, showing a completely different person.

"It's all about angles" , she wrote - and hundreds of fans chipped in with their own hilarious pictures, proving Hall right:

As one woman commented in uploading her pictures, the ability to look at things in perspective can be key to happiness.

This little body has served me well and gone through some tough times, but it's survived, thrived even. A sense of humour and acceptance can get you through anything.

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