The true struggles of the working parent have finally been revealed by this billionaire

In an interview with the Times published earlier this month, Kazakh oil billionaire and fashion designer Goga Ashkenazi revealed her struggles for time with her children.

The interview was partly recounted in The Week magazine and has gained traction after it was uploaded to Facebook:

Askhenazi recounted her past few days:

So, I was in Barbados with my children and mother and father for the weekend and before that I was in New York for an anti-blindness foundation’s gala, where I collected an award for my philanthropy from Bernard-Henri Lévy, you know who I mean? The philosopher: he’s a friend. I said, ‘This is so ridiculously humbling. I should be giving you an award.’ Before that I was in Milan. I’m going back this afternoon.

Inbetween tales of jetsetting on her private plane from Milan to London and accidentally bidding £240,000 for a painting at auction while waving to Jennifer Lopez, she recounts how there are "no schools" in Milan, forcing her to organise time around her children's British school holidays:

These British school holidays are endless! That’s all I do, organise holidays. It’s nonstop! At Easter, the boys were in St Moritz. They skied until the last day when the lift literally closed, then there were two and a half weeks left to organise. I have half-term to plan; there’s two weeks in October, another in February.

I have tremendous respect for women who work and bring up a family, I have so much help from my family, but I still feel one or the other suffers.

It’s difficult.

How horrible! It's a plight that we can all surely relate to.

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