Picture: Chepko/istock
Picture: Chepko/istock

Last month one of the most controversial rape cases in America gained attention around the world.

Brock Turner, a 20-year-old student, was convicted of three counts of sexual assault but was sentenced to just six months in jail.

This ignited a firestorm of criticism, and his own father had stepped into the fray in his defence, calling the sexual assault "20 minutes of action".

The case was covered extensively by the media, with opinion seemingly divided, with many in Turner’s camp blaming the involvement of alcohol rather than the then 19-year-old.

Turner himself cited the “alcohol culture” in university as a causal factory in his actions.

Cue New Zealand comedian Alice Brine, whose Facebook post on consent cut through the webs of justification for sexual assault:

I'm gunna start going home with random very drunk guys and stealing all of their shit. Everything they own. It won't be my fault though... they were drunk. They should have known better. I'll get away with it 90% of the time but then when one brave man takes me to court over it, I'll argue that I wasn't sure if he meant it when he said 'no don't steal my Audi.' I just wasn't sure if he meant it. I said 'Can I please steal your Gucci watch?' He said 'no' but I just wasn't sure if he meant it. He was drunk.He brought this on himself. You should have seen how he was dressed at the club, expensive shirts and shoes. What kind of message is he sending with that!? I thought he wanted me to come and steal all of his shit. He was asking for it. When he said 'no' to me taking everything he owned I just didn't know if he meant it. 'No' isn't objective enough, it could mean anything.

People love the post's simplistic genius...

And so do we.

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