This man is about to embark on the most dangerous swim ever

This man is about to embark on the most dangerous swim ever

Fancy a dip?

Lewis Pugh has embarked on what he believes is one of “the most dangerous swims ever undertaken”.

Facilities in his leisure centre not up to scratch?

The Plymouth-born maritime lawyer and UN Patron of the Oceans hopes to encourage the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) to safeguard the sea.

Over what distance?

If he manages to win over the commission, an expanse of sea will become the biggest protected area on Earth, larger than the UK, Germany and France put together.

What will his challenge involve?

Over the next five weeks, the 45 year old will undertake five consecutive 1km swims, four of which will be further south than his current world record for the most southerly swim, in waters expected to be as cold as -1.7°C. He will brave the freezing temperatures, leopard seals and killer whales in Speedos.

He’ll catch a chill…

That’s an understatement. “Swimming in Speedos shows commitment, courage and integrity and it opens door and gives me access to world leaders,” Mr Pugh told the Independent. “Without a shadow of a doubt, I will be hypothermic at the end of all those swims.”

He must be very passionate.

Mr Pugh, who acquired the sobriquet “the human polar bear” for being the first person to ever swim to the North Pole, said that the Southern Ocean is a good example of “what the world must have looked like before man touched it”.

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