This trans man just answered the incredibly personal question 'how do you have sex?'

Meet Lewis Hancox.

The YouTuber and transgender rights advocate was born female, and transitioned to male a few years ago.

Lewis writes a lot about the experience of being trans, busting myths and misconceptions about his sexuality and gender as he goes - but there's one question he says comes up again and again:

'How do you have sex?'

Luckily for us, while Lewis stands by the fact that that's an incredibly personal question and not a good idea to ask someone you don't know very well, he's a very open person - and he's answered the question once and for all in a hilarious three minute video.

Of course Lewis can only speak from personal experience. And as he says:

Everybody likes different things in the bedroom, trans or not. And there are countless sexual acts and not all of them involve:

Lewis met his girlfriend before he'd had any lower surgery and she was nervous about what to expect when they started having sex. But even after the operations, their chemistry has remained the same - and sex is better because Lewis feels more comfortable with himself.

I like to have faith that when you do really like someone you look past their physicality.

Watch him spill the beans below (video a bit NSFW):

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