OITNB star Ruby Rose on why she decided not to transition

OITNB star Ruby Rose on why she decided not to transition

Ever since being cast as Stella in the third season of Orange is the New Black, Ruby Rose has been a massive star.

Her casting also saw a short film she made about her gender fluidity go viral, and Break Free has now been watched almost nine million times.

She told Access Hollywood the film was in part a response to her career in the US initially stalling and how she struggled with gender norms throughout her life.

Recalling an incident from her childhood in Australia, she said:

I was in a restaurant and the waiter came up and he was talking to my dad and he was like 'we're trying to work out is she a beautiful girl or a handsome boy?'. And my dad went to be like 'she's a beautiful...' and I was like... 'I don't know!'. You know I remember thinking about it and being like I'm a handsome boy and for the most part of my life I wanted to be a boy.

In the interview Rose reveals how she saved for gender reassignment surgery since the age of five, before deciding aged 15 that she didn't want or need to transition; she just wanted to be "comfortable in her own skin":

It wasn't until much later in life that I realised I could kind of do both and be androgynous and not have to necessarily be womanly.

Watch the clip below; you can watch Break Free here.

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