When Lauren Fern Watt's 160-pound English Mastiff was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer, she was understandably crushed by the news that she would soon lose her closest companion.

As she explains in a Yahoo Travel article, the dog had been with her when she moved from Tennessee to New York City and throughout university and her early 20s, writing: "This dog wasn't just my best friend - she was my roommate and confidant."

Her ingenious solution to say goodbye to Gizelle was to create a bucket list for the two of them to complete during their final months together.

Their list included activities such as:

Cooking lobster together in Maine

Canoeing together

Going to a party and meeting a cute boy dog

Meeting Santa (and his three pug helpers)

Visiting the beach together in winter

And, of course, cuddling as much as possible

Sadly, Gizelle died in early January, but Lauren will always have her and Gizelle's final adventures to remember her by.

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