Viral tweets detail the harrowing effects that toxic masculinity is having on men

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The discussion around male mental health has improved dramatically in the past few years, but it can often feel like there is still a long way to go.

There are more initiatives to get men to talk about their personal struggles and there are more high profile examples of men talking about depression, but opening up in that manner isn't easy for everyone.

As a tweet by Brent Conner explained, issues like depression, suicide, eating disorders and body image are often associated with women, making it harder for men to discuss them.

Brent's tweet soon went viral and prompted this thought-provoking response by the user @absurdistwords, who explained why the notion of toxic masculinity has feminised many important emotional issues causing men to suffer in silence.

In a thread that also went viral, he touched on why rejecting false equivalencies, compassion and the patriarchy.

He then created an entirely separate thread detailing how toxic masculinity effects everyone and how it is spread.

His two viral threads received lots of praise and support online with others sharing their thoughts and personal stories.

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