Trevor Noah understands why Kanye West changed his name after his ‘super MAGA’ year

Trevor Noah understands why Kanye West changed his name after his ‘super MAGA’ year

South African comedian and television show host Trevor Noah understands why Kanye West legally changed his name to Ye after his “Super MAGA” year in 2020.

In the recent episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Noah told the onlookers that the “iconic rapper, fashion designer, and self-appointed youth pastor made a big announcement: He is Kanye no more.”

“And I’ll be honest. I get why he changed it. I mean, if I had gone super-MAGA like he did last year, I also would want to distance myself from myself,”Noah said.

He also jokingly spoke on the benefits of having a shorter name and how tedious it would be to input your name with an Apple remote.

“Yo, it’s why I never signed up to Paramount+,” Noah added.

On the other hand, West didn’t lean towards the Apple TV reasoning and said he changed his name for “personal reasons,” believing that Ye is the most “commonly used word” in the Holy Bible.

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Noah noted that it’s relatively safe to believe that anything Kanye does is for “personal reasons,” but to suggest Ye is the “most common word in the  Bible,” he would have to disagree.

“I know the Bible is open to many different interpretations... but this particular thing is not a belief,” Noah said. “It’s something you can count, and it’s not remotely the most common word in the Bible.”

Towards the end of the commentary, Noah mentioned that although he jokes about West “all the time,” he’s on his side this time about his newfound name.

“Changing his name might be the least weird thing he’s ever done.”

It’s safe to say that you and you alone get to choose how you want to be addressed, and no one should tell you otherwise.

Check out the full commentary below.

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