Although most people would like to think that they have empathy for others, it's rare to see acts of compassion actually take place in public.

When they actually happen, they are sometimes small favours or acts of solidarity.

Other times they can be acts of such heartwarming sensitivity that they leave you speechless.

That brings us to this viral story of two men who decided to help out an older woman who they had noticed was paying for the petrol for her car with change.

They reached out to her and gave her a handful of cash to make her situation a little easier.

The astounded woman breaks down in tears and tells them that she has been having a bad time and that her husband died only a week ago.

She thanks them profusely to which they say, "Tt's only right, we've got to stick together."

The video was posted on Twitter by Kevin W of America Out Loudand has already been viewed more than 6 million times.

The man in the video has since been identified as comedian Carlos Davis, who also shared the video on his Twitter account.

As the clip has gone viral people have been loving the kindness and generosity of the men.

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