What happened after an underwear company stopped airbrushing models

American Eagle's lingerie arm Aerie launched a campaign a year ago called #AerieReal, marking their decision to stop photoshopping pictures of models in their advertising.

Tattoos, beauty spots, scars, stretch marks - the models in Aerie's ads appear exactly how they are.

The reaction to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive - earlier in 2015, the company was awarded a seal of approval from the US' National Eating Disorder Association.

Perhaps most astonishingly, since the decision was taken a year ago, the company says their sales have soared by nine per cent.

"Aerie is committed to challenging supermodel standards to spark a conversation within the fashion industry", Jennifer Foyle, Aerie's brand president, said in a statement.

Who said fashion and feminism are mutually exclusive?

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