This man knows his sarnies
This man knows his sarnies

John Edward Hollister Montagu, the 11th Earl of Sandwich and direct descendant of the man famed for popularising the snack, has offered his thoughts after news emerged that a sandwich factory was about to offer jobs to migrant workers...

Greencore, a company that supplies Tesco and Marks & Spencer have been recruiting employees from Hungary after saying they could not find suitable sandwich-makers in the UK. Cue outrage.

But the Earl, who is also the director of a sandwich-making firm, explained to the BBC that he couldn't see the problem.

There’s no reason a migrant labourer can’t make as good or a better sandwich.

  • The Earl of Sandwich

However, the Earl, who says the best type of sandwich is one with “beef or chicken, not too complicated, and it could be a hot sandwich”, did express his concern at the falling quality of sandwich-making across the country.

Obviously I am concerned at the quality of the sandwich going down.

The problem I think comes in regulation, where you have supply chains and you don't always know what's further back in the supply chain.

  • Earl of Sandwich
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