Wikipedia keeps deleting articles about Donald Trump's tiny, tiny hands

There's a bit of controversy brewing on Wikipedia over the size of Donald Trump's fingers.

Let us elaborate. As we all know, the Republican frontrunner's hands can only be spotted by the most advanced microscopes of the age.

Thirty years ago, in the no-longer-in-print Spy magazine, Graydon Carter called Donald Trump a:

short-fingered vulgarian.

The theme stuck with those who did not approve of Mr Trump, which was to his ire.

Carter wrote in Vanity Fair last November:

To this day, I receive the occasional envelope from Trump. There is always a photo of him — generally a tear sheet from a magazine. On all of them he has circled his hand in gold Sharpie in a valiant effort to highlight the length of his fingers.

An article appeared on Wikipedia about this insult in early April.

It has since been deleted, dismissed by editors as "recentism", "definitely not encylcopedic content" and "borders on harrassment".

One moderator wrote in the discussion, which is available to read here :

Crap material like this belongs in the Urban Dictionary (the dictionary, not the article on same).

The article was deleted, despite protestations that an article still exists for 'Barack the Magic Negro' , a song written by Paul Shanklin for the ultraconservative Rush Limbaugh Show .

In addition, Ed Miliband's sandwich photo still exists in article form , suggesting unflattering and well-known depictions of politicians are fair game.

However, the final decision was taken to delete the article, and not even merger it with the existing article on Donald Trump.

Despite the public knowledge being that he has small hands.

Tiny, in fact.

Picture: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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