This YouTuber had the perfect response to the man who told her to stop speaking about race

This YouTuber had the perfect response to the man who told her to stop speaking about race

Sometimes short and sweet works best.

YouTuber Jackie Aina creates beauty videos and tutorials for women of colour.

Picture: Jackie Aina/YouTube/screengrab

Aina touches on a number of topics, including beauty, fashion, and race.

Amidst the many comments praising her channel, one person felt the need to bemoan her fixation on the topic of race.

Aina tweeted the comment, written by a viewer...

Picture: Jackie Aina/Twitter

Jackie I love you. But you need to stop talking about race, skin colour and WOC issues on your channel so much.

You can talk about it one in a while, but not all the time like you do. Or else it will alienate and annoy white girl viewers.

Nobody wants to hear about that on YouTube…we already see too much race crap on TV and the news…but YouTube is a chance to escape all that and relax.

And you need to reach the white girl audience if you want to go mainstream on YouTube. I can totally see you being the 'black Jacklyn Hill', but you just need to make some improvements.

No more race talk, please.

What did Aina write in response?


Picture: Jackie Aina/Twitter


According to her one million-plus subscribers, the 'race talk' is clearly not a bother. In fact, it's probably part of the reason they're tuning in...

Most people on Twitter agreed with her

And pointed out the problem with the argument that without a 'white' audience, POC can't make it on YouTube...

In fact, her response prompted more subscriptions...

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