Keep it clean: Nine tips to help keep you feeling fresh this festival season

Thursday 04 August 2016 10:00

In association with Original Source

From how to get glitter out of, well, everything and everywhere to the best mud-busting wet wipes – refreshingly honest festival hygiene hacks to help you look your best.

1. Plan your wet wipe strategy carefully

Picture: Getty/Susanna Price

Should you go minimalist and take only a slim pack of wet ones, will you opt for the middle ground with a sizeable share of baby wipes, or cover all bases with a dedicated pack for body and face? We’d recommend taking a fairly heavy duty approach to wet wipes, while one pack should suffice make sure it’s 100+ minimum strong baby wipes.

2. You may not have access to a traditional shower but that doesn’t mean you can’t wash

Picture: Getty/GK Hart/Vikki Hart

Some festival attendees forgo washing entirely – fine for them, not quite so fragrant for their friends. If you’re slightly more hygienically minded, consider a mini shower. Heading to the sink and filling a large water bottle to wash in is an excellent way to refresh. And for intrepid campers, there’s the bin bag shower. It takes a little more planning, but will earn you plenty of smug points. Fill a black binbag up with water, tie it and leave in the sun to heat up. Then find a pole or tree to hang it from, or a patient friend to hold it up, poke a few holes in the bottom and enjoy your very own solar-heated shower.

3. Bring several tubes of hand sanitiser

Picture: Flickr/Cristina Avandenel

This is a godsend as most festival toilets run out of antibacterial gel pretty fast. Be sure to take plenty as at least one of your friends will almost certainly forget theirs. Possibly the only downside of the miracle substance is its tendency to be harsh on skin, so take some hand cream to keep your mitts moisturised.

4. Try decanting your favourite products into smaller travel bottles

Picture: Getty/Mark Viker

Travel sized products are ideal for festivals. Depending on your personal level of laziness you can either purchase miniature versions of the essential kit or invest in some travel bottles and containers that you can keep refilling.

5. Don’t scrimp on suncream

Picture: Flickr/Jonanamary

Not a hygiene tip as such, but trust us, there’s nothing worse than waking up hungover and sunburnt in stuffy surroundings, you will feel like your tent has been relocated to the seventh circle of hell in the middle of the night and no one bothered to tell you. Pack sun cream and use it - spray bottles are handy for easy application.

6. Considering investing in a microfibre towel

Picture: Getty/Simon Davies/EyeEm

These are ultra-light weight, super absorbent and fold away to the size of a flannel, so even if you’re not planning to shower for the entire festival, if it rains you’ll be glad of something to help you dry off or mop up any leaks in your tent.

7. Drink lots of water

Picture: Getty/David Harrigan

It sounds simple but it’s easily forgotten, especially as, at festivals, cider tends to flow more freely than water. Make sure you’ve got a reusable water bottle and fill it up when you can, you’ll look and feel much fresher for it and it’ll help ease the hangover. Tip: if water isn’t cutting it, try a rehydration treatment sachet.

8. Save the de-glittering process for when you’re back home

Picture: Flickr/Judy van der Velden

So you smothered your entire face with glitter and now your tent, clothes, hair and friends look like they’ve been caught in an explosion at the sparkle factory? If you’re still at the festival, there’s very little you can do. But when you do make it back to civilisation, extract those sparkly particles from your hair or skin with an oil treatment, which has the bonus of restoring your dry shampoo and grease-caked hair back to its former glory and giving tired skin a treat. As for clothes, a lint roller, or, if you’re really desperate, masking tape should do the trick.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Picture: Getty/Image Source

Even though you’ll want to look, feel and smell your best, part of the fun of the festival is getting down and (somewhat) dirty. So if one of your friends accidentally flicks mud all over your brand new denim shorts on day one, don’t spend the rest of the festival sulking in a tent. You’ll have a much better time if you can laugh in the face of any mishap.

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