This eight-year-old's maths homework has stumped the internet - Can you answer it?

Greg Evans
Friday 03 November 2017 13:30

Mathematics isn't everyone's strong suit, but we'd all like to think we could answer an 8-year-old's homework, right?

Then why not take a look at this question that mother Dusty Sappington uploaded to Reddit.

Got it yet?

Well, it turns out that no one can actually answer the question that was given to her daughter, Izzy.

Some Reddit users gave it a go but nobody has been able to come up with a conclusive answer, highlighting just how obtuse this question is.

Speaking to Huffington Post Dusty, was unsure what had happened but it proved to be a source of amusement.

 To be honest, I’m unsure if it was printed in error or was a question to test her knowledge of less than and greater than, which she has touched on in the past.

Being the mother of a third-grader and a fifth-grader, I have seen a lot of homework over the years that has our family laughing at the absurdities, scratching our heads and relying too much on Google.

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