Former UKIP MEP says 'Racial prejudice is wrong... but' while arguing about David Lammy

Lowenna Waters
Tuesday 25 June 2019 08:15
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What's the most classic give away that someone is a bigot? We'd say the old 'I'm not racist, but...' or even, 'I'm not homophobic, but...', is usually a pretty good give away.

Now, one of UKIP's most prominent former MEPs, Roger Helmer, has made almost that exact comment in relation to Labour MP David Lammy in a now-viral tweet.

Taking to the social media platform, Mr Helmer wrote:

Racial prejudice is wrong, and I condemn it. But David Lammy’s ranting illustrates why prejudice against black people persists.

Erm, excuse us? There is just too much to unpack here, but essentially, Mr Helmer was attempting to come to the defence of right-wing commentator, Tim Montgomerie, who had been engaged in an argument with Mr Lammy. However, his comment just served to show up his true colours.

It goes without saying that people on social media thought that the comments were outrageous.

Yes, because taking one person of a specific race and trying to suggest they're representative of everyone is not racist at all, Roger.

Some absolutely didn't hold back.

I am not racist, but...

And said exactly what they thought.

I'm not racist, but...

Calling a spade a spade.

Others reported him.

There are no two ways about it, really. That was racist.

This isn't the first bigoted comment Mr Helmer has ever made. In 2014, the then-UKIP MEP said that people should be able to dislike homosexuality in the same way they do with different types of tea, while at the same time trying to claim that prejudice against homosexuality is 'wrong', reports the Independent.

He also isn't a fan of the whole 'climate change' conspiracy...

We're sensing a theme here, Roger...


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