GTA 6 sleuths are convinced new installment has a game-changing feature

GTA 6 sleuths are convinced new installment has a game-changing feature
'GTA VI' Trailer Releases Early After Leak
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Since the release of the first GTA 6 trailer at the end of 2023, fans have been speculating on what they believe will be included in the long-anticipated game.

Released on 4 December (after an unexpected leak), the trailer was met with overwhelmingly positive reception. With GTA 6 introducing Lucia, the first ever female lead character in the series.

But after the trailer's drop, it didn't take long for fans starting to speculate, or suggest, ideas for the game, which is set to release sometime in 2025.

Fans began to imagine what GTA 6 would like like if a legal system was in place in the game.

On the subreddit GTA6, one user asked "would you like GTA 6 laws to be more responsive for your crimes?" Giving examples of having to serve time if police manage to link you to a crime. They said it could bring about the creation of prison gangs and riots to add a new element to the game. On overwhelming 1,900 users voted yes, whilst only 581 voted no.

Some said it would be cool to "go to court" in the game, break out of prison, or see a "years in prison stat".

But whilst most seemed to like the mechanic in theory, they argued that it would quickly become tedious.

"It sounds fun if it was more realistic but I think it would get annoying. Like if you went on a rampage and killed a bunch of people the cops would always be after you, for the rest of the game," wrote one user.

In another subreddit, seemingly to replace the previous one, titled GTA6_NEW, users again discussed what a prison system would like in game.

"I think a prison system similar to star citizen would be cool. The ability to escape prison and doing a mission to remove your bounty by hacking into the police system or something," wrote one user.

Although another replied saying, "until you're doing it for the 10th time when you just want to play the goddamn game."

Whilst some said as long as being sent to prison doesn't happen often, the feature could be pretty cool.

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