GTA 6's involvement with 'woke' Sweet Baby Inc explained

GTA 6's involvement with 'woke' Sweet Baby Inc explained
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Rumours are flying around that Grand Theft Auto 6 developer Rockstar Games is working with a company called Sweet Baby Inc which has been branded 'woke' by groups online.

Sweet Baby Inc describes itself on its website as 'a narrative development and consultation studio'.

It adds: "Our mission is to tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry. We aim to make games more engaging, more fun, more meaningful, and more inclusive, for everyone."

The company has worked on recent major gaming titles such as Spider-Man 2, God of War Ragnarok and Alan Wake 2.

A Reddit post shows Rockstar's logo under the company's clients section - this has been edited in and does not appear like this on Sweet Baby Inc's website.

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However 2K is listed on the website - American video game holding company Take-Two owns this developer along with Rockstar as the two major brands in their portfolio.

And as the GTA series is renowned for pushing the boundaries of satire, and even taste at times (think back to the torture scene in GTA 5), it's led to speculation that developers of GTA 6 could be working with Sweet Baby Inc and are worried the game could be too 'woke'.

Reddit users on that most recent post were divided on any potential Sweet Baby Inc involvement at all.

Comments include 'if we look at all the GTA games before, I don't think they are going to be involved very much, the satire in this games doesn't fit their narrative', 'the fact they are involved at all is a huge red flag to me' and 'I think they consulted to see if there are other ways they can trigger people about some sensitive issues'.

Sweet Baby Inc has received a backlash with some gamers and online groups reportedly claiming the company makes video games 'worse' because it tries to improve diversity, equality and inclusivity.

It's reported the company has been at the centre of controversy ever since an employee tried to get a Steam user cancelled for creating a tracker for listing games Sweet Baby Inc had involvement with so subscribers could be notified.

The company has been targeted by an online harassment campaign - there is a group called Sweet Baby Inc Detected where members of that group are alleging it has an overarching influence in the games it works on.

It's reported the company's input is small, such as giving story feedback, but some users are said to feel it 'shoehorns' Black or LGBTQ+ characters in games.

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