Manor Lords players discover character with incredibly rude, but accurate, name

Manor Lords players discover character with incredibly rude, but accurate, name
‘Manor Lords’ has sold over one million copies in a day and …
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Players of Manor Lords have come across a character with an incredibly rude but accurate name in the game.

Manor Lords is a medieval city-builder and real-time tactics video game that's playable on PC and Xbox by developer Slavic Magic.

Ahead of its release, it was one of the most highly-anticipated games on Steam with more than 3m wishlists.

Players can create a 14th century settlement and watch people work to carry out tasks needed to grow it, keep it running and battle.

One character in particular has already become somewhat of a celebrity among those with access to early release - he can appear as a gravedigger, sometimes as a farmer and sometimes he's even an ox.

And the name of that character? Cuntz.

Yes, I've written that correctly.

Names are distributed at random among characters and Cuntz appears in various different guises as mentioned above.

When starting the game as a new character, Lord Cuntz can come up as a randomised option too.

But the joke is not intended and according to developer Grzegorz Styczen on Reddit, he said the name Cuntz, like all of the names in the game, is historically accurate for when and where it is set.

"Names were taken from a XIV century HRE census and then are assigned randomly without any special bias," he said.

On the same post, another Reddit user explained in more detail.

CaptainMacObvious said: "The serious answer is: Cuntz or Kunz in the German regions was a shortened form of the very common name Konrad and itself a very common name then.

"It's no surprise a lot of people chose to go by that.

"The other short form was Hinz short for Heinrich (aka Henry in english).

"Those names were so common that 'Hinz und Kunz' is still a saying in Germany today, referencing 'anyone and everyone'."

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