Why the 'Goldilocks Window' is the best time to book a flight

Why the 'Goldilocks Window' is the best time to book a flight
Make Sure You're Saving on Airfare By Following These Simple Tips

When preparing to travel by airplane, experts say the best time to buy a ticket is during the "Goldilocks Window".

In the airline industry, this is when travelers can expect to find the best deals on domestic and international flights.

Hayley Berg, an economist at travel site Hopper, explained the Goldilocks Window to CNN and described how travelers can use the principle to their advantage.

"Waiting until the last minute often means missing out on the lowest fares," Berg said. "So can booking too early, says Keyes. There’s a 'Goldilocks window' for flights."

So when is the Goldilocks window?

For domestic flights, the window falls between one to three months. On international flights, it ranges from two to eight months.

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However, the Goldilocks window adjusts during peak season as domestic goes to three to seven months and international increases to four to 10 months.

Unfortunately for travelers, airline prices are still soaring, up 20 per cent in the United States (via Berg) and 36 per cent in the United Kingdom (via Flight Centre UK) from this time last year. Berg believes that the US airfare price will be down from 2022, but international flights will continue to be priced high.

Scott Keyes, founder of the travel site Going, urges travelers to remain calm when booking flights. While looking for a ticket to Las Vegas, Keyes waited for the Goldilocks window, and his patience was rewarded with a lower price.

Keyes told CNN: "I was patient, and a few weeks ago – right in the middle of the Goldilocks window – the fare dropped to $76. I booked as quickly as I could. Today, the fare is back up to $350.”

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