Top OnlyFans creators flee to new site after 'bullying, discrimination' and 'content removal' complaint

Top OnlyFans creators flee to new site after 'bullying, discrimination' and 'content removal' complaint
Jam Press/Okfans

OnlyFans creators are sharing their frustration online after allegedly having their content frequently deleted and claiming their livelihoods are being taken away — suggesting a mass exodus is on the cards.

But another site is reaping the benefits.

Taking to Twitter, OnlyFans creators such as Rowan Odubhain and Aaliyah Yasin, who have tens of thousands of followers, share outraged tweets claiming to have their posts deleted on the adult site – despite reportedly not violating any terms of service.

Tired of the treatment, they are taking their business elsewhere – to the emerging and fast-growing site,

"Love when OnlyFans removes a video claiming is breaks TOS [terms of service] when it doesn't and its active on my No PPV perfectly fine! I personally reviewed the video and it breaks ZERO TOS or community guidelines,” she tweeted.

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"Then when you ask them to look into this issue they respond with 'Hello, Much to our regret, we will not be able to provide more detailed information regarding this matter. Our Compliance team has carefully reviewed your content and concluded that it violates our Terms of Use in a certain way. Thanks.”

"You take 20 percent of my earnings DO F*****G BETTER! Give models valid reason for content removal not a generic a** message saying it breaks TOS (When I know it clearly doesn't.) Then say you cant even look into it when you should be able to." [sic]

Another model, Rae, who racked up 10,000 views for her tweet, said: "Hey @OnlyFans .. can you start making it where we can read the full message we sent or give us further context? Because if I'm not discussing things that break TOS and I'm not trying to find a way around flagged words then I'd like more info..." [sic]

A third creator, who goes by 'Bungabooty', received 4,000 views for a tweet calling out the site.

She said: "My squirt videos are getting removed from OnlyFans. Really bummed about this as they’re my best selling videos." [sic]

Meanwhile, Aaliyah Yasin reached out directly to the OnlyFans CEO, Amrapali Gan, in a bid to connect on a personal level in a tweet that has 3,000 views so far.

She wrote: "As the CEO of OnlyFans who is Indian American, I am reaching out to you, to make you aware that I feel I am being discriminated against by your moderation team as a Pakistani Muslim creator.

"Content like this is suddenly being MASS removed from my account for 'violating community guidelines' as per the messages from your moderation team.


"Your support team are NOT helping. #onlyfansdiscriminates." [sic]

Amid the furious backlash from creators, some have taken to finding a more lasting solution by establishing themselves on a new platform altogether.

Jam Press/Okfans

Arian Demnika, founder of Okfans, has since seen a huge rise in sign-ups over the past year and insists the site will "never" ban sexual content.

"Okfans is designed specifically for adult content creators and consumers — the platform is similar in concept to other content subscription services, but with a specific focus on adult content," Arian told

"It was developed in response to other content subscription services, such as OnlyFans, that have banned sexually explicit content.

"It is important to note that the regulation of adult content on social media platforms is a complex and evolving issue, however, creators can freely share their work with their fans and they don't have to worry about ever getting their post removed let alone their account banned.”

Since its conception, Okfans has seen around 1,000 applicants sign up each day, and as word has spread, top creators are now earning between £8,000-40,000 ($10,000-$50,000 USD) per month.

Now, Arian is focusing on delivering new tools for OkFans creators to connect with their fans.

But while he looks to strengthen his own platform he remains aware of the consequences OnlyFans restrictions could have on many creators' lives.

Jam Press/OkFans

He said: "In addition to content sharing, Okfans also provides messaging features, live streaming capabilities, and custom subscription options.

"Creators can also set their own prices for their content, and the platform provides analytics to track the performance of their content and audience engagement.

"The ban on sexually explicit content could have significant implications for both creators and consumers.

"For content creators, the ban could mean a loss of revenue and a need to find alternative platforms to monetize their work.

"Many creators have built significant followings and income streams on OnlyFans, and the ban could significantly impact their ability to earn a living.

"For consumers, the ban could mean a loss of access to content that they enjoy and are willing to pay for.

"While there are other adult content subscription services available, OnlyFans is one of the most popular and widely used platforms, and its absence could impact the overall availability and diversity of adult content."

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