"I was a police officer for 12 years but now I help men have better sex"

"I was a police officer for 12 years but now I help men have better sex"
Jam Press/@tomo_marjanovic

A former police officer who spent 12 years putting criminals behind bars has ditched the uniform to help men have better sex – starting his own erectile dysfunction clinic.

With over a decade of experience as a copper, Tomo Marjanovic has experienced it all; from dodging bullets to busting drug dealers and attending murder scenes.

The 37-year-old even spent time working alongside the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the FBI, tracking terrorist sympathisers funnelling drug money to fund missions in Afghanistan.

After long shifts patrolling the streets and catching criminals, the ‘muscle man’ would spend hours in the gym, pumping iron.

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Jam Press/@tomo_marjanovic

While the cop loved his job, the experiences took a heavy toll – including when a crazed gunman pointed an AR15 in his face – and eventually, political correctness at HQ got too much.

After quitting Tomo opted to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry having been obsessed with lifting weights since he was a teenager.

Tom (@tomo_marjanovic) told JamPrime: “I saw a lot of bad things and was shot at several times.”

At first, Tomo, who had a natural interest in health and fitness, dabbled with running marketing for a hormone clinic, which soon inspired him to launch his own business – specialising in regenerative and preventive medicine clinic specialising in hormone therapy and anti-ageing medicine.

Tomo runs the clinic and employs doctors to treat patients.

Married Tomo said: “We're approaching medicine, health, and hormones in a different way than the rest of the hormone replacement therapy industry is.

“We look at it from a more holistic health perspective, not through a symptom-treating perspective.

“We treat men with erectile dysfunction and a string of other conditions, and we also work with women who are going through menopause.

“With men we look at it from a perspective of well, he's having sexual dysfunction but why is he having it?”

Although the work is very different, Tomo credits his years in the police for helping him launch his business.

Jam Press/@tomo_marjanovic

He said: “In law enforcement, you learn how to be very structured. And when it comes to business, I think that’s extremely important.

“Being a cop has definitely made me a better businessman.

“I do miss the excitement and adrenaline rush I found in my career in law enforcement.

“I miss being able to turn a dangerous situation into a way to help someone.

“In the beginning, most of my law enforcement colleagues did not support me and even thought leaving the profession would end in failure.

“There was a lot of talking behind my back. Over the last few years, that has faded and several of my old colleagues are patients and support my ventures.”

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