Professional dating coach shares list of red flags

With over 323 million people now actively use dating apps and social media to find love, they have become a daily part of life.

Despite initially being stigmatised, online dating was the 21st century's radical breakthrough that continues to evolve. As the scene evolves, apps are becoming even more niche with higher chances of whittling down to The One.

There's much more to see and experience beyond Bumble, Hinge and Tinder.

In recent years, the market has welcomed dating apps dedicated to dog lovers, astrology enthusiasts, fitness fanatics and those who prefer the finer things in life.

And now, an innovative new platform is taking the dating world by storm, dedicated to those ready to start a family.


Launched by award-winning mental health clinician and performance coach Stacy Thomson, Reddi is a "serious, no-nonsense dating app for genuine people looking to move on from the casual sex lottery" found on other dating apps.

Stacy, 43, turned to solo IVF in 2021 to have her son Milo after "running out of time to find a partner." She found generic dating apps way too "casual" for her liking, which got her thinking about new ways to switch up generic models.

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A short film on the future of dating was the catalyst for Reddi – hand-in-hand with research on celibacy syndrome, a concept to describe those who have given up on sex, love and dating.

"It scared me," Stacy candidly shared. "I have nightmares that by 2035 all the women will be having solo IVF, and all the men will just be walking around with briefcases, successful and depressed."


She soon came to realise that there were "many other people just like me" who felt the same way. "Many women opt to go it alone, and men are left hoping they find The One, with hopes of conceiving at a much older age," Stacy said.

She explained how her experience with online dating was "difficult to wade through the men who didn't share the same life goals as me." Often, she found that people were "scared off" when the concept of children entered the chat.

Reddi prides itself on not being "a mating app" but "a relationship app".

The app is the first of its kind, matching members based on attachment theory, a 1930 study that delved into the relationship between humans, categorising them into four main groups: secure, anxious, avoidant, and fearful-avoidant. Not only does this make dating more enjoyable and less of a minefield, but it also helps couples understand one another better.

While Reddi is still in its infancy – having launched in July – there are currently 200 people on the waiting list. The exclusive, members-only community has a strict vetting process, meaning the likelihood of being catfished is next to none.


The platform is free to try until 2023 through referral, but there are plans in place to make it subscription-based to maintain "the high quality of its members."

Applicants must fill out a quick application form and submit a social media handle for verification. Those who are unable to do so will not be accepted.

"This is not a numbers game for us – rather a safe place to meet people who are all on the same page as you when it comes to children and family – whether that is creating, merging, or joining one," Stacy explained.

"Once you have completed the application form, you will need to wait for the approval. Some people may wait only a short time to be accepted, with others waiting longer. We do have a loyalty programme, however, issuing members with ‘Golden Tickets’ which allow their friends to ‘jump the waitlist."

If the person gets accepted, they will be given the choice of various membership options, initially starting at £36 for three months.

Thomson is looking forward to what the future of Reddi holds, but as for now juggling between looking after Milo and running her business.

"For us, the app is just the tip of the iceberg – we have crazy big dreams to create more products, both digital and in real life, for our members, including bringing the concept of platonic co-parenting to the mainstream."

"We are launching our unique real-life immersive matching-making experiences soon, too – creating intimate, and smaller gatherings so that connection can be fostered outside of the often-pressured environment of a ‘first date’.

She continued: "These will be curated and will bring together people who have similar interests and values, as well as complimentary attachment styles."

"Who knows, I may find someone for myself on Reddi," she joked.

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