Police called over 'noise' after person smokes a cigarette in their garden

Police called over 'noise' after person smokes a cigarette in their garden
Fluffy pet dog squeezes itself through narrow gate gaps 'to ask neighbours …

A person sparked a "noise complaint" triggering their neighbours to call the police on them. The crime? Smoking in their garden...

Posting on Reddit, the 'noisy' neighbour outlined the things they do that trigger complaints.

They wrote: "I have a corner neighbour that everytime I'm in my backyard calls the police for a noise complaint.

They added they had received complaints for BBQing, sitting by the fire pit, smoking, using their hot tub and even "going outside to to play with the dog."

"This neighbour will wait for exactly for 10 pm then call for a noise complaint," they added.

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"I've had cops come to my back fence at 10:05 before. I've tried talking to them and they won't talk to me and the cops always just say 'well keep it down'".

Responding to the issue, people chimed in with various suggestions for how to deal with the problem.

"Document each occurrence," one person suggested. "Day, time, type of complaint, & police officer’s names. Build a case for harassment."

Another said: "Follow the rules. Mow your lawn 9.45-9.59 every day."

And a third wrote: "Start doing what you're being accused of, (get loud ) may as well. Then say, 'now, see the difference?'"

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