Here's why some Gen Zers have a problem with the thumbs up emoji

Here's why some Gen Zers have a problem with the thumbs up emoji
Gen Z'ers say 'old' people use certain emojis

Gen Z have a big problem with the thumbs up emoji, apparently.

Posting on Reddit and other social media platforms, young people have complained about the symbol, saying it is "unsettling".

One post on Reddit from last year said: "I started an 'adult' job where we use Microsoft Teams to connect with each other for work.

"Most people at work use the 'thumbs up' reaction all the time. I don't use it much.

"I think it's normal for to 'thumbs up' messages, but I still feel like it's such an unsettling response. Does anyone else feel this way?"

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The post attracted a range of comments with one saying: "For younger people (I’m 24 for reference) the thumbs up emoji is used to be really passive aggressive. It’s super rude if someone just sends you a thumbs up. So I also had a weird time adjusting because my workplace is the same."

Meanwhile, people on Twitter have also complained about the emoji, claiming it is "passive aggressive".

However, others disagreed and took to social media to defend the thumb.

So now you know the latest generational divide.

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