20 things women look for in a partner - but would never admit

20 things women look for in a partner - but would never admit
TikToker Goes Viral For Sharing Her Dating Trick
TikToker Goes Viral For Sharing Her Dating Trick

Finding your perfect match is always met with shuffling through a ton of red and green flags.

On social media platforms, so many of those red flags are shared with us as a cautionary tale—but there are just as many qualities someone might have that can be considered a good sign.

We all have our preferences, but there are also people who have non-negotiables while dating.

On that end, what are characteristics you'd really like your future partner to have, but would never actually say out loud because you'd look shallow?

Someone on the Reddit forum AskWomen posed the question: "What do you look for in a partner, but never admit?"

The answers run the gamut of reasonable to strange to hilarious and we've rounded up 20 of our favorite answers women revealed. And don't worry if you find yourself agreeing to any of these, this is a judgment-free zone.

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"I confess I love a foreign accent. I’m not proud of this because it shouldn’t matter."

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"That he likes the same music as me."

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"Nice teeth."

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"He needs to know how to twerk or else it's not gonna work out."

toddlers and tiaras twerk GIFGiphy

"He has to like cats."

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"Someone who indulges in drugs occasionally while still living an overall healthy responsible lifestyle."

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"Low amount of body hair."

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"Kindness towards plants and animals.

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"Long lashes."

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"That they are not into cryptocurrency"

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"If they don’t find me hilarious, I won’t like them. Seems conceited but whatever. I’ve told my now husband though."

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"A bit messy, so he won't care about my mess."

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"Someone who cooks."

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"Openness and respect for other cultures and countries. I love to travel and educate myself on different cultures."

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"It's pretentious, but I care about their college and degree."

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"That they aren't into cars or golf. At all."

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"Closest for me would be height, I'm 5'7 and prefer men to be taller than me, but whenever I used dating platforms I tend to leave off height preferences."

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"Muscles, especially arms and shoulders. I’m usually honest to myself but don’t like seeming shallow about it."

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"Making at least 6 figures."

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"I usually always prefer people that are not religious. I didn't notice it before, but recently I've realized I don't enjoy talking to people in a religion."

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