As we're sure you've noticed, Britain is hotter than the sun this week. But that doesn't mean you don't deserve a good night's sleep.

Sleep expert Dr Guy Meadows from the Sleep School has teamed up with the, um, bed experts at Benson’s for Bed’s, to create this list of 10 tips to ensure you still get 40 winks... even when it's about 40 degrees outside:

1. Choose cotton

Cotton bed sheets are more lightweight and breathable than satin, silk or polyester.

2. Keep a cool head

Getting worked up and restless because you’re hot is only going to make you hotter. Keep cool by lying still and just accept that you're going to be warmer than usual.

3. Summer noise

Use ear plugs to block out noise from all those people outside making the most of the unusually fine weather.

4. Lose a layer

Use sheets and blankets, rather than a big old duvet. You can always ditch one or add one to help regulate body temperature quickly and easily.

5. Reach for the H2O

Have a glass of cool water nearby to drink rather than downing one before bed - that might result in a few visits to the loo during the night.

6. Cool shower

Take a cool shower before bed for a quick and easy way to get your body temperature down. But don't have it really cold because it will wake you up too much.

7. Make your own breeze

Open a window (yes, it really is that easy) or buy an electric fan to add an extra breeze. The ideal temperature for your room is 17°C.

8. Late-night entertaining

Warmer nights bring delayed bed times, with all the later eating and drinking that goes in hand. For the best night's sleep aim to leave at least two hours between eating and sleeping, and try not to drink too much alcohol close to bedtime.

9. Find a cool room

Some areas of the house are cooler than others. If the heat becomes unbearable, set up a bed in another room.

10. Frozen bedding

Put your sheets and pillows into bags (to stop them getting wet) and put them in the freezer ready for a cool bedtime - yes, really.

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