10 words that sound rude but really, genuinely aren't

Ever wondered what a titbow is or a fanny-blower? It's probably not what you think.

The English language is full of words that sound rude - but actually aren't. Here's 10 of them, as compiled by Paul Anthony Jones of HaggardHawks fame.

1. cock-a-bendy

2. titbow

3. panshit

4. bumfiddlery

5. bumbailiff

6. butt-shaft

7. sexangle

8. skiddy-cock

9. assapanick

10. fanny-blower

To find out what they mean, watch Jones' excellent video below. We promise you'll be using "panshit" in your every day life.

For more linguistic curiosities, check out Jones' book "Word Drops"

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