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One male model is taking the ageism fight to the catwalk - and slaying.


Wang Deshun is making a living as an actor, model and artist.

And he just turned 80, in a country where the legal retirement age is 60 for most men.


Subverting traditional stereotypes of old age in China, Wang caused an internet sensation when he appeared on the catwalk at the China Fashion Week in Beijing last year.

Here's how that came about (in his own words):

Wang has taught runway modelling at a Beijing fashion school, and has also banned from performing in public by Beijing officials due to his sensual performances.

Some in China now refer to him as 'laoxianrou', or 'old fresh meat' (from 'xiaoxianrou', 'young fresh meat', generally used to refer to teen idols).


He's also known for his inspirational words of wisdom:


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