The Soho bike shop taking the fight to the Daily Mail

left: Daily Mail, right: Jess Brammar

On Thursday the Daily Mail appalled and confused many by referring to a judge's sexuality and sports career as a reason to disagree with his verdict.

The paper's website has since changed the headline and removed any reference to the master of the rolls, Sir Terrence Etherton.

It's unclear which bit Mail Online was most embarassed to have included: the 'openly', the 'gay', or the 'Olympic fencer' part.

Throwing the words down the memory hole has not protected them from scorn.

Coffee and bike shop Soho Bikes in London, has done more than mock, and openly defied the Daily Mail with a sign outside the shop.

Jess Brammar, the deputy editor of Newsnight, was the first to share an image of the sign on Twitter on Friday morning.

All we're asking for is a cup of coffee and a bicycle in a civilised world, for everyone. And Soho Bikes has delivered.

Indy100 spoke to the sign maker and manager of Soho Bikes Nick Hawker about the motivation for his creation.

Out of frustration, you come into work every morning having read the headlines, and it beggars belief...

You want to do a small bit, so that you feel slightly more on par for the rest of the day.

He explained that although it was only a playful act of rebellion it's worth doing.

A little victory, on a small part of a small street in Soho.

Hawkins doesn't think Soho Bikes will be the engine of social change (don't be sure Nick!).

We’re here to sell bikes and make coffee and not worry about running the country, that’s what politicians are here for, but they seem to have forgotten at the moment – and the media seems a bit out of control at times...

We serve beautiful coffee here every day, and bikes.

He said most of the signs they put outside are rarely about politics and usually designed to sell coffee.

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