A mysterious giant penis has appeared in Brussels

A mysterious giant penis has appeared in Brussels
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Street art is often provocative and, like Banksy's work, acts as a form of dark, sometimes ironic social commentary.

Well, we’re not quite sure what this Brussels artist was trying to say with the following graffiti creation:

The graffiti penis appeared on a wall in the business district of the city, at the Barrière de Saint-Gilles, opposite a catholic institute and people aren’t quite sure why.

The identity of the risqué artist is unknown, but local artist Vincent Glowinski ‘Bonom’ seemed to be a popular contender.

However, speaking to Belgium’s RTBF, he was quick to dispel the rumour:

It is not me of course and I do not want to be involved in this story.

A second image popped up in Place Stéphanie, a different neighbourhood, depicting a masturbating woman in the same style:

Interestingly, in 2014 Bonom had created a painting much like the one above during a performance art production on the streets of Brussels.

According toIB Times, Brussels MP Vincent Henderick called the piece of art, predictably, "inappropriate".

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