Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet reshuffle omnishambles was captured by Sky cameras

Louis Dor
Tuesday 28 June 2016 16:00
Picture: Sky News/Twitter/Screengrab

Another day, another series of awkward Labour interactions with the press.

Jeremy Corbyn held shadow cabinet today, which was obviously a little awkward, given recent mass resignations events.

What makes it all the more strange is that his team invited the media to the meeting to take photos, presumably hoping the footage of a quarter-filled cabinet would scream cohesion.

Corbyn rethought this, as footage from Sky News shows him calling his spin doctor Seumas Milne over to cut off the photo op.

After being told to go away for a while, broadcasters returned to find the shadow cabinet literally reorganised.

The reshuffle will never end, it seems.

Corbyn's leadership currently hangs in the balance as Labour MPs are voting in a 'no confidence' vote, which closes at 4pm, following 23 shadow cabinet resignations.

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